Green strainer no gamble for P & G

Green Strainer System increases production at Procter & Gamble by eliminating need for disposable filters.

Avoiding expensive downtime is now possible for manufacturers that process viscous and other materials. The Spencer Strainer cuts labor costs because it is designed with a self-cleaning filter.

“Use of this new, self cleaning strainer model on our toothpaste line enables us to save on replacement parts that would otherwise have to be discarded,” explains Dwight Scales, mechanical maintenance coordinator at Procter & Gamble. “Also, because the strainer is all stainless with an enclosed motor, it is easy for us to simply washdown using a water hose so no chemicals are required, and it easy to keep the area clean as required by the FDA.” Scales adds that because the strainer’s cleanouts are inline and automatic, there are additional savings on downtime and maintenance labor.

Patented by owner Glenn Spencer in 1994, teh Spencer Strainer was initially designed for Colgate toothpaste. Spencer soon realized that all manufacturers using static screens must experience costly setbacks when processing gritty substances, such as penut butter, coffee, and ice cream.

The Spencer Strainer, because it filters from outside in through a rotating stainless steel screen continuously cleaned with wiper blades, eliminates delays and product loss associated with throw-away filters. The filter is permanent, also saving on filter material costs. Manufacturers not only increase profits by wasting less product, they also enjoy decreased landfill output.

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